GAMSAT The Smart Way

With any exam, written or practical, the key is to get as much practice as possible under exam conditions. This does several things: it gets you used to that style of exam; it builds your confidence; it builds your speed; and it exposes you to the same types of problems repeatedly. This is how driving and flying schools work - by putting you through repeated practice tests they get you ready and confident for the real thing.


With that in mind, at OZIMED we have developed full-length GAMSAT-style tests, with the same time limits, type of questions, balance of questions, etc as the real thing. We have used the same format as the real GAMSAT, but all our questions are new.



These tests have been converted and updated exclusively for use on Apple iBooks (viewable on Mac or iPad, however we recommend iPad). Tests 1 & 2 are available NOW at a special introductory price. We even have working samples for you to try. Further tests will be available in the next months.

We are no longer producing printed tests. Ozimed tests are only available in iBooks format.

These are interactive books, with self-marking exams.


Click on the Products page for details.


We strongly recommend that you plan to do as many practice tests as possible before you do the actual GAMSAT. It's the repetition which builds speed and confidence. Remember, you are preparing for the most important exam of your life, so the more practice you can get, the better.


So if you are really serious about becoming a doctor, and you want to maximise your chances with GAMSAT, click on the Products page and get started now!