GAMSAT The Smart Way

In medicine, preparation is the key. You must already know that, or you wouldn't be here. This website is all about preparation. We will show you how to prepare for GAMSAT, so that you can whiz through the questions and maximise your score. It's a way to train yourself to cover more ground and answer more questions.



GAMSAT is used by several medical/dental/veterinary schools in Australia, the UK and Ireland to determine who can gain graduate entry to their programs. Currently more than 5000 candidates sit the exam each year in Australia. Of these, about 15% are accepted into medical schools.



GAMSAT is designed to really push you, to see how well you can think and solve problems under pressure. Sure, you need to know a lot of factual stuff: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English.


But it's no use knowing all of that if you can't work and think and solve problems really quickly. GAMSAT is NOT about knowing lots of facts and being able to answer questions about them.


Using exactly this strategy I sat the 1998 GAMSAT and got a score of 73 overall (which puts me in the top 0.5%!). I hadn't done ANY science for ten years when I started preparing for GAMSAT. I worked hard to prepare, but I also worked smart!

What I will show you is a strategy which will help you to work faster and more accurately so you can finish ALL sections of the test and get higher scores. In 1998, I finished every question - but only because I was thoroughly prepared!