GAMSAT The Smart Way

 How long should I spend in preparation?


I spent nearly three months on my own preparation. Remember, learning slowly and methodically is more effective than last minute cramming. I am NOT promoting some quick-fix, last-minute cramming technique. I strongly recommend spending four or more months on gradual preparation.You should spend an absolute minimum of two months preparing for GAMSAT.


How well does this strategy work?


In the 1999 GAMSAT nine out of the ten students using my method were offered interviews. In 2000 and 2001, again there were 9 out of 10 offered interviews (but not all those interviewed were accepted).


Before starting my study program for the 1998 GAMSAT, I did the practice and sample tests and worked out where my weak areas were. But I also knew that I would never finish the test without specific preparation in the areas of speed and accuracy. My final result (73) put me in the top 1%.


Is your method guaranteed to work?


We cannot guarantee success - only YOU can do that. But our record of success speaks for itself.


Do you provide personal tutoring?


No. We simply don't have the resources to do that. But there are many good tutors available in most major centres.


Are fully worked solutions included?


No. However, we do give you the answers so you can assess your progress.


My ENGLISH is not very good. What can I do?


You should seriously consider getting a private tutor. English is probably the hardest subject to teach yourself.


REMEMBER: English (Social Sciences and Humanities) counts for 50% of your GAMSAT mark, and you MUST at least pass all sections of GAMSAT to get an interview.


What areas of Science do I REALLY need to cover?


You should order the GAMSAT Sample Test and Practice Test from ACER (see below). Do the sample test, then see which areas you need to work on. GAMSAT can include questions covering ANY area of common first-year university-level science (Physics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology). BUT remember, GAMSAT is a test of your ability to think and solve problems, not your knowledge base or your ability to remember facts.


I don't feel confident about teaching myself. What can I do?


If you are not confident of your ability to revise or teach yourself any of the core subjects, you should enrol in appropriate units at university, TAFE or get a tutor. If you really can't handle self-directed learning then you should consider whether a Graduate Medical Course is the right one for you.